Kudo’s For Giving the Bad as Well as the Good

I am not a fan issuing press announcements following a trial victory. To quote an over used Seinfield line, “not that there’s any thing wrong with it ….. “, it’s just not my cup of tea.

Similarly, I have never mixed (at least that I can remember) my own personal practice results and my blogging, or at least not in any way that they were identifiable.

Others do, although generally they only give the favorable results.

So I was pleasantly surprised to find the following post, Kent County Jury Finds for School District in O’Neill v. Warwick, on the blog of the Employment Law Group. If you check out the story you can see that in this case their client did not prevail before a Rhode Island state court jury.

I admire anyone who actually tries employment law cases to a jury. And if someone is going to announce their wins, I would suggest that they follow the example of the Employment Law Group and shows us all the results, not just the wins.

If you are clicking through to look at their blog, you might look around as it is also an excellent site for developments in the employment law area, particularly in one of the fastest growing parts, whistleblower cases.

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