Back, After All These Years

Nearly three years ago, I made my last blog post, almost 15 years after my initial one. As the months passed, from all outward appearances, the first labor and employment blog, had gone the way of so many blogs, both silent and forgotten. Still in the back of my mind, as I was wending my way through my last year as an active practicing lawyer, and now two full years of retirement, it remained alive, just dormant.

In the time since the very first post in the summer of 2002, the world of blogging has changed substantially. Blogs are now more ubiquitous, more commercial than personal, and on occasion have created riches or at least some degree of fame.

But oddly enough, the reasons I made that very first post, a curiosity about the technology and a desire to put down on ‘paper’ thoughts I had about the world of labor and employment law, with the added ‘benefit’ that others could view (and judge) them, are the reason I have decided to begin posting again, except my focus is now much broader than just labor and employment law.

In 2002, I chose the easiest platform to get me up and running, Blogger. And stayed with it. Although it probably wasn’t the slickest format, it worked and I was far more interested in having a place to say what I wanted than how it looked or even functioned. That effort, the original Jottings By an Employer’s Lawyer, remains, and there seems no reason to do anything with or to it.

But in the ensuing years, WordPress has taken over the world. I must admit that I was drawn in by all the talk of how easy it was to start a WordPress blog, and so sometime last year, I went through the steps of acquiring a hosting site and attempted to create a blog. I soon found it was for more difficult than I had thought.

My first attempt, which even involved use of a WordPress expert, was a blog dedicated to the impeachment proceeding of President Trump. But that soon proved to be an effort never meant to see the light of day. Partially it was the difficulty of the technology. More importantly, it just wasn’t a well conceived project. Although the subject was of interest, I never found the right handle to approach it. Probably a good thing as I am not sure that I would have had the interest or discipline to really maintain it, as I can only stand to watch the current proceedings in small dosages.

But at the same time I started the impeachment blog project, I took advantage of a feature of SiteGround (my host) to import the prior posts from the original Jottings By an Employer’s Lawyer. Because of the size and probably some other technical reasons that I have no clue about, it only was able to retrieve as far as the last post in February, 2008. But that still meant a large body of posts came across.

Now with a slight addendum to the original title, adding “Now Retired,” I am back to see if there is another run of posting in me.

The retired status means a much broader scope of posting will be in order. The “world of work” as I often referred to labor and employment law, will still get some attention, probably more as reflections of what I think I learned in the 40+ active years of practice than current topics, but my guess is that it will by no means be the dominant theme.

As one of my favorite current pundits, Fareed Zakaria says on his Sunday show, the Global Public Square, “let’s get started.”

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  1. Funny, with the shutdown of Overlawyered, one of my daily haunts, I visited Employerslawyer – probably out of a sense of nostalgia – and what did I find? You announcing a return to posting! Great news! As a 20 year employment lawyer myself, I used to check your site (at least) weekly. Your disappearance was like those of so many others. Glad you found your way back. I look forward to visiting regularly again.

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