A Great Day for Criminal Defendants!

Just in one day it was a pretty impressive haul:

Supreme Court overturns ‘Bridgegate’ convictions as Christie slams ‘political crusade’, is Politico’s take on Kelly v. U.S. (S.Ct. 5/7/20), which it is important to note was a unanimous decision.

And Attorney General Barr’s Department of Justice undercuts the Mueller investigation again, Justice Dept. Drops Case Against Michael Flynn Although Flynn actually pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, the DOJ now concludes that the interview in which the lying occurred did not meet the legal standard that the lies be “materially” relevant to the investigation. Although no contest that he lied about his discussions with the Russian Ambassador, the DOJ now says it didn’t matter. Here’s the rationale explained in their court filing. Just like with the Roger Stone case, it took a new DOJ attorney, Timothy Shea, to make that argument as the lead prosecutor withdrew.

And closer to home, after Governor Abbott changed his Executive Order, the Texas Supreme Court freed someone who specifically told a state district judge she would not do what he ordered. See Salon owner released on orders of Texas Supreme Court after Gov. Greg Abbott forbids putting coronavirus scofflaws in jail, for the Dallas Morning News story on the matter. And also note that not only did she get out of jail, but the Lt. Governor has at least offered to pay her fine. Sweet!

All I can say is that I can’t wait for the Republican campaign this fall about the need to put in some law and order folks who will get this pandering to the criminal element under control. Oh, wait a minute …

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